There is a growing digital divide between generations. As our services and communities are increasingly moving online, it is more important than ever to ensure no-one is left behind on the journey to a digital world.

“Hi Digital” is a step-by-step course designed for anyone who needs a bit of help developing their digital skills, particularly those who have rarely or never been online (often 65+ years old).

The course has been developed by Vodafone Ireland Foundation, in partnership with ALONE. It consists of bite-size lessons organised around key digital themes including: The basics of internet access and how to use online devices; An essential guide to apps and features that can enhance daily life and combat isolation.

Participants can work independently or alongside a mentor over a number of weeks to complete all of the lessons. Others may have assistance from their children, grandchildren, or other people from their community.


Everyone has the right to a digital life; the comprehension and confidence to explore all the possibilities the internet has to offer.


The mission of Hi Digital is to give everyone free access to the essential tools needed to become digitally independent. Increasing levels of digital literacy can have a positive impact on practical life and mental health. It leads to more opportunities to connect with essential services and engage socially with friends and family.


We know that lack of internet connection is often a barrier to pursuing digital skills which is why “Hi Digital” will be running in-person training in partnership with the Irish Girl Guides at selected sites across the country.

To find out more, please call 1800 20 30 30 contact us here.


About Vodafone Ireland Foundation

Connecting for good is an integral part of Vodafone Ireland’s brand identity. The Vodafone Ireland Foundation, set up in 2003, runs a wide range of community initiatives and programmes, including charity partnerships with Alone and Irish Girl Guides.

Vodafone Ireland Foundation is one of 27 Vodafone Foundations around the world, dedicated to supporting groups across all segments of society seeking to make a real difference in their communities. Using Vodafone’s world-class technology, the Vodafone Foundations partner with organisations towards connecting for good


ALONE is a charity that works with older people who are socially isolated, homeless, living in poverty or crisis and supports them to age at home.

They provide direct support to hundreds of older people every week through four main services – Support Coordination, Befriending, Housing with Support, and Campaigns for Change.

ALONE does not duplicate services provided by other organisations, but works in partnership to ensure the best outcome for the older person in need.

About Irish Girl Guides

The Irish Girl Guides are a youth-driven organisation that has been empowering girls and young women in Ireland for over 100 years. They are committed to helping girls develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed in life.

Through the Hi Digital partnership, Girl Guides will be trained as Digital Champions who will then support older people in their communities to learn digital skills.

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